When I got out of prison I tried to get a job.  Even gas stations would not hire me.


Then came spirit class.  I believe it has saved my life.  I am learning to be a peer support and an activist for mental health issues.  I have learned so many tools to help other people.  Several times I met people who have needs and don't know where to go for help.  I've been able to give them direction to find what they need and change their lives.  I've learned to speak in front of people.  Spirit makes me feel accepted and confident.  I feel I can help others which gives me purpose so I can be happy to be alive instead of suicidal.  It also gives me hope that we can change the system to be more helpful to people with disabilities.  I would love to give hope to others who have had no hope.  If just one of us in spirit class can touch just one persons life, they might be able to help three people and those people could help three others each.  Eventually, together we can affect the whole nation and then the world.  We need support and money to accomplish these goals.  We will tell our stories to the senate and the legislators.  We will have a big effect on them and hopefully this will fuel the spirit movement.  We are the best person to know about how we feel and about our needs and goals.  We would also like to have a spirit class in prisons.  It would give them the tools to survive when they get out.  I'm asking you to help us get the support to make these things happen.  Our whole society needs Spirit class.