Dear Melinda, Jessica and Stephanie,


At last, a government funded program that is proactive! by empowering all people to learn how to help themselves and others by solving problems before then turn into tragedies.  Avoiding the immense emotional, physical, and financial burden to both consumer and government.


The spirit class brings together empathetic peers and staff to learn and grow from each others experiences and support.  This would not be possible with conventional instructors to evoke the level of debate, questioning, analyzation and absorption that occurs spontaneously.  Personally, after six years at private colleges I do know this to be true.


For myself, the most important gift is the ability to reach out for help from my peers and appropriate outside resources with a problem.  Turn it into a question and start looking for the answer.


I look forward to a constructive future and judge success not by what I have now done but the obstacles I have overcome.  My future is no longer one of constant despair.


Thank you,