Dear Melinda & Jessica,


I've written so many things and feelings down on paper that I have had because of this class.  That is the most important thing I have, a lot of it.  I mean the courage that I got from this class gave me that ability, to look deeper inside.  I assure you this class gives us hope.  I have used all of my senses in this class, my eyes are opening to a new world & a new way of life.  I've cried in this class, I've changed my soul with this class, it's like a big family that inspires me to do better.  It is a window into what recovery means.  I love the spirits in this class, when they're uplifting & then when they're sad it's all good in this class as long as we learn.  It helped me quit cocaine, alcohol & marijuana.  It helped me see the human aspect of life.  People are asking me about getting into the class.  I have faith now.  I really have faith now.  A oneness.  I have been changed permanently by this program.