NAMI both criticizes and stigmatizes those with disabilities and NAMI attempts to
abrogate the civil rights and liberties of those with psychiatric disabilities. NAMI both claims that "treatment" does not work and that no cure has as yet been found
for such disorders as schizophrenia. Therefore, they lobby heavily for more research into
the biological cause of schizophrenia (if one can be found). At the same time, NAMI
wishes to curtail the liberty of people by "forcing" them into "treatment" against their
will. To effect this, they have established a new branch of their organization dedicated
solely to this purpose. (TAC - Treatment Advocacy Center) These two contradictory
purposes form the primary mission of NAMI. Both of these purposes fall into the category
of lobbying under the definition of lobbying for purposes of defining their 503(c)(3) tax
exempt status making them in violation of the law. Additionally, NAMI consistently puts out misinformation identifying itself as an
organization which represents the voice of the "consumer." However, NAMI is an
organization whose primary membership is family members of those who are "consumers"
of mental health services. For those who wish to hear from those who are acutally
"consumers" please let us know and we'll be happy to provide this voice directly instead
of having it filtered through those families of adults who think they know what's best for
their adult "children."