Diogenes, often pictured wandering with a lantern searching for an honest man, of the fourth century B.C., is the most famous misanthrope of all time. His opinion of the human race was abysmally low and he eschewed all luxuries, living as simply -- and as honestly -- as he could.

One time, as he was making a frugal meal of beans, he was addressed by Aristippus of Cyrene, who had a very comfortable position at the court of Dionysius, the king of Syracuse.

Aristippus said, "Just think, Diogenes, that if you could only learn to flatter Dionysius, you wouldn't have to live on beans."

And Diogenes replied, "Just think, Aristippus, if you could only learn to live on beans, you wouldn't have to flatter Dionysius."

NAMI (and some within the "consumer" movement) are quick and even eager to "flatter" the pharmaceutical industry (their king) and praise the biological medical model of so-called "mental illness."

Some within the psychiatric survivor movement have not only learned to live on beans but, we have managed to maintain our integrity. Personally, I'm glad I belong within this latter category.

I hope that as our movement grows we will not have to learn to flatter to survive. That is too great a price.