Antidepressant Medications

Medications included in this category primarily fall into the following

4 sub-categories A-D:


1. Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) Inhibitors (A)

(examples: isocarboxazid, phenelzine, tranylcypromine)


2. Tricyclics (B)

(examples: amitriptyline, imipramine, doxepin)


3. Heterocyclics (C)

(examples: trazodone, maprotiline, bupropion) a sub-category of very

dissimilar medications


4. Serotonin-reuptake Inhibitors (D)

(examples: fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline)

These drugs selectively effect neurotransmitter mechanisms in the central nervous system.



A,B,C,D refer to sub-categories above

alcoholism D+

anorexia nervosa D+

anxiety C+

autism B+, D+

attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder B+, C+ bulimia B+, D+

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease B+ enuresis B

fibromyalgia B+

depression A, B, C, D

diabetic neuropathy B+

insomnia B+, C+

migraine prophylaxis A+,B+

obesity D+

obsessive-compulsive disorder A+, B, D

orthostatic hypotension A+, D+

pain B

panic disorder A+, B+, D+

phobic disorder A+, B+

post-traumatic stress disorder D+

premenstrual syndrome (PMS) B+

respiratory depression B+

schizophrenia D+

sleep apnea B+

+ = not an FDA approved indication


Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

A,B,C,D refer to sub-categories above


acne D

abdominal pain B, C, D

agitation D

agranulocytosis B

akathisia D

alopecia D

anemia B, D

angina A, D

angioedema D

anorexia B, C, D

anxiety B, C, D

appetite stimulation A

asthenia C, D

blurred vision A, B, C, D

breast enlargement B, C

confusion A, B, C, D

constipation B, C, D

contact dermatitis D

cough D

cycloplegia B, C

diaphoresis A, C, D

diarrhea A, B, C, D

diabetes mellitus A, B, C, D

dizziness A, B, C, D

drowsiness A, B, C, D

dysgeusia D

dyspepsia D

dyspnea D

dystonia D

dysuria D

eosinophilia B

EEG abnormalities B, D

EKG abnormalities B, C

erythema B, C, D

fatigue C, C

fever A, B, C

flatulance D

galactorrhea B, C

hallucinations C

heart failure A, B, C

headache A, D, C

hepatic enzyme elevation D

hepatitis A

hot flashes D

hyperglycemia D

hypertension A, B, C

hypertensive crisis A

hypoglycemia D

hyponatremia A, D

hypoosmolarity A, D

hypotension A, C, D

hypothyroidism D

impotence A, B, C, D

increased intraocular pressure B, C

intracranial hemorrhage A

insomnia C, D

jaundice A, B, C

leukopenia B

libido decrease B, C, D

mania D

myalgia D

myasthenia D

mydriasis A, B, C

myocardial infarction B, C

myopathy D

nasal congestion D

nausea & vomiting A, B, C, D

orthostatic hypotension A, B, C, D

pain C, D

palpitations B, C, D

paresthesias D

parkinsonism B, C, D

peripheral edema A

pharyngitis D

photophobia A

photosensitivity B, C

polyuria D

premature ventricular contractions C

priapism A, C

pruritus B, C, D

psychosis C

purpura B

rash D

restlessness C

sedation B, C

seizures B, C, D

sexual dysfunction A, B, C, D


sinus bradycardia A, D

sinus tachycardia A

stroke B, C

suicidal ideation D

testicular swelling B, C

thrombocytopenia B

torsades de pointes B, C

toxic epidermal necrolysis D

tremor A, B, C, D

urinary retention A, B, C

urticaria B, C, D

vasculitis B, C

ventricular tachycardia B, C

visual impairment D

weakness A

weight gain A

weight loss D

xerosis D



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