Scraping the walls
Glenn & Bob & Dave & Liz
Brian & Colton
Our Molly, always there, working hard, with love in her heart!
Walls & Floor Painted
Thank you Bob & Gini, you did a wonderful job of making this room a great classroom :)
Our very first Class!
Louise teaching the kids watercoloring in the new Classroom!!!
*I admit I sat in the back with a big stupid grin on my face*
Some of the adults involved
Heartfelt Thank you!
Special Thank you:
Pastor Mike Futrell
Tina McFederick who donated the paint!
Bryan Baker- along with Bob did a lot of heavy lifting and moving and donated topnotch shelving
Bob Fraizier
Glenn Smith
And the Michigan Group
Bill Martin
Thanks Bill for donating the electrical wiring for this project!
Dave Drouillard
Liz Drouillard
Thank you Liz and Dave for the great Ironing Table!

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