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How To Escape from a Psychiatric Hospital

How To Escape from a Psychiatric Hospital

Nobody wants to be on a psychiatric ward, and this is especially true for the patients. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to escaping. If you are ever sectioned, just follow one of the three methods below and you’ll be back in the “community” in no time, enjoying such freedoms as being able to smoke a cigarette without asking for permission, and expressing your emotions without somebody with a clip-board noting down how they relate to your “illness”.

Method One: The Runner

What You Will Need: Some running shoes, a good hiding place

If you are on a ward with only one door between you and freedom, simply hang around by the door. You should try to look innocent, maybe pretend to read some of the posters on the wall about “recovery”, or whatever other patronising crap they have up. You get a lot of traffic in and out of psychiatric wards, mostly due to the ridiculous number of “professionals” in the system. Sooner or later a social worker, nurse, doctor, advocate, health visitor, psychologist, student, ward manager, solicitor, occupational therapist, pharmacist, or some other pointless bureaucrat will open the door – that’s your chance to make a run for! Most of the time they won’t even bother to chase you, just mark you down as AWOL on the notice-board and carry on with their paperwork and tea-drinking.

If you have some leave, this method is even easier. If you are being escorted just make sure it is by a fat nurse who smokes a lot of cigarettes (there are plenty of these on the wards) so you’ll be able to outrun them no problem, even if the combination of high-dose medications they’ll no doubt have you on has slowed you down a bit. If you have unescorted leave, even better! Especially if it is a few hours as you’ll have time to get pretty far away before they notice you are gone.

Once you’ve escaped they may come looking for you, and they can involve the police. However it isn’t likely they are going to launch a nation-wide manhunt for one escaped psychiatric patient (unless you conform to the media stereotype of a mentally ill person who likes running down the street, naked, with a meat-cleaver while screaming that they are the only true prophet of god). Also, don’t do anything silly like return to your home address, or stay with a relative who is likely to be in agreement with the mental health team that you do indeed need to be locked up.

Advantages: This is an exciting method of escape that gives a real sense of empowerment. If you stay away for long enough, or leave the country they’ll give up looking for you eventually.
Disadvantages: If the police do pick you up and bring you back to the ward, the doctor will no doubt place a huge amount of restrictions on you to prevent you from trying it again. It will also give them an excuse to detain you for longer. Some people find being a fugitive from the law a bit stressful, so if you are not a Bonnie or a Clyde type of person then this method is not for you.

Method Two: Play The Game

What You Will Need: Good acting skills, some knowledge of psychiatry

This method is based on understanding how mental health professionals think. What you have to remember is that they really believe that the patients are suffering from some kind of biological illness and need medication in order to be “well”. As ridiculous as these ideas may sound, they really believe this, and have often had many years of training to back this up. Obviously the more training they’ve had the more they believe this stuff. For example a fairly new student nurse may still see the patients as distressed human beings who need somebody to listen to them non-judgementally and offer emotional support – but a consultant psychiatrist will be certain that the patients are “unwell” and need drugging to the max (some of them even believe this so much that they have even written books on the subject!). So you are never going to have any luck convincing these people that their views are wrong and yours are right (especially on the ward where you are the raving psychiatric patient and they are the highly trained professionals).

An important psychiatric concept to understand is “insight” – if a patient does not believe they are ill and need medication then they are said to lack ”insight” into their condition; the cleverest part of this concept is that psychiatrists say that this lack of “insight” is actually caused by your “illness”. So basically if you don’t agree with them that is just more proof that you are ill!
So for this method to work, you have to pretend that believe that you have an illness, and that the medication is helping you. In ward rounds or any meetings with professionals it is important to say things like:

“I was unwell when I came in, but I’m feeling a lot better thanks to the medication”
“I would be happy to stay in hospital if I wasn’t on a section”

And NOT to say things like:

“This medication is just turning me into a fucking zombie, I’m not taking it!”
“I’m not mentally ill, I’m possessed by evil spirits, get me a priest immediately!”

If you keep saying the right stuff, you’ll be out in no time. If you have actually been possessed by evil spirits please keep this to yourself.

This is one of the most popular methods of escape, in fact it has been estimated that 95% of patients who manage to leave the wards do so using this method. I once read a quote from a patient who that said they kept giving her ECT (that’s seizure inducing electric shocks to the brain, widely used in the UK in-spite of people thinking it is some horrible relic of history that was banned along with public executions and badger-baiting). Every time after they had electro-shocked her brain they asked if she felt better. She kept on saying “No”, so they kept on giving her more ECT. Eventually she figured out if that if she said “Yes” they would stop giving her ECT, and it worked! This was of course recorded as a successful outcome and used to prove that ECT works; but the main thing is she was able to escape using this method.

Note: some patients, especially those who have had psychotherapy, make the mistake of trying to convince their psychiatrist that what they are experiencing is a result of some childhood abuse or other trauma rather than an illness. This will not work. Even if you spent the first 18 years of your life locked in a damp cellar, eating nothing but fish-heads, this will at best be seen as a “factor” contributing to your illness or at worst a delusion created by your illness. It is much better just stick to the mantra: “I have an illness, the medication is helping” and you’ll back living amongst us “normals” in no time.

Advantages: This is a tried and tested method which yields good results.
Disadvantages: This method sometimes can take a long time, and requires some skill (if the staff feel that you are just telling them what they want to hear they won’t have it – you really have to convince them you believe their nonsense). There is also a very real risk that you’ll take the acting too far and actually convince yourself that you are ill and need medication – many patients have fallen victim to this (the psychiatric profession calls them “successful outcomes”) so be careful!

Method Three: The Tribunal

What You Will Need: A solicitor

In the UK, if you are detained under the mental health act, you have the right to have your case heard by an independent tribunal. In reality this normally means you’ll have to sit in-front of three old men for an hour listening to all the reasons you need to be locked up for your own safety, before being told 5 minutes after the tribunal that they have decided, on careful consideration, that you do indeed need to be locked up for your own safety. Still, sometimes people do actually get discharged by a tribunal, especially if they have a good solicitor. While some mental health solicitors are passionate about fighting for patients’ rights, a lot of them are just going through the motions while dreaming they were earning a 6 figure salary sat behind a great big swanky desk like their friends from law school instead of having to scrape the legal aid barrel.

Still, going for the tribunal is definitely worth a try while you are honing your acting skills for “Method Two”, or plucking up the courage for “Method One” above. Preparing for a tribunal may also give you something to occupy your mind on the ward (that is if you don’t find the fortnightly patronising pottery classes stimulating enough). In the tribunal you will have a chance to speak and give your reasons why you think you should be discharged from hospital – but you are not allowed to shout “objection” like you see on the telly.

Tribunals can be extremely boring, but one way to stay awake during the proceedings is to play a game called “Mental Health Tribunal Bingo (MHTB)”. Write the following words on a 3 * 3 grid:
RISK, CONCERNS, NATURE, DEGREE, INSIGHT, UNWELL, MEDICATION, ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNITY. Every time you hear one of the words mentioned, circle it. Try to make a line across the grid, or fill the whole thing. (Note: if you win, don’t actually jump up and shout “bingo” like you would do at a real bingo hall as this is not likely to help your case).

Advantages: Definitely worth a shot. Even if your tribunal is unsuccessful, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the bastards do a load of extra paper-work.
Disadvantages: Mental health professionals are experts in making it look like they know what they are doing (in-fact around 95% of their job involves doing this) so most of the time they’ll convince the tribunal that you need to be sectioned.

So please do go ahead and give these methods a go, and let us know how you get on. Also we’ll love to hear about any other methods that are out there. Take care everybody and remember, RECOVERY BEGINS WITH NON-COMPLIANCE!

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  • Lori says

    Brilliant. You’ve hit the nail right on the head – had a good laugh.

  • CRose says

    Appreciate the laugh, thanks! Need to have more options in my pocket!

  • Amazing! 🙂 looking outside our square 🙂 love it!!

  • Brilliant. I no longer mistake loony bins for safe shelters from a husbands, so I haven’t presumed upon their hospitality for almost 20 years. Here is how I used to try to get out.

    Jane Austen at Hillside Hospital

    In October 1994, I was in the middle of a painful manic episode. I hadn’t slept for days. I needed an immediate adjustment in my meds and was unable to contact my psychiatrist. I went to Hillside Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Impatient at the long wait and desperate for sleep, I joked, “I am Jane Austen and this is my husband Adolf Hitler, and we need a marital evaluation.” Of course, Jane got locked up and haldolled in submission, and Adolf went home. This was not my brightest move. My former psychiatirst had trained at Long Island Jewish, and I thought humor was an essential part of the curriculum.

    I wrote my usual troublemaking letter to the head of the psychiatric department and the head of the hospital, asking the following:

    1. Are there any compassionate, competent psychiatrists on staff?
    2. Is the patients bill of rights some kind of sick joke?
    3. Should I insist that my lawyer accompany me to this thinly disguised jail? Is a manic depressive diagnosis a new way of taking people political prisoner?
    4. Does LIJ investigate whether staff members, particularly the late night shift, have ever been reported for child abuse?
    5. Was revealing my status as a social worker a suicidal gesture, given the level of hostility it would arouse in some insecure staff members. “Oh my God, one of us could be one of them?”
    6. Have you ever considered hiring a former patient to evaluate and assess the psychiatric stability of staff members?
    7. Is personal psychotherapy required of staff members or are patients expected to provide that gratis as part of their treatment plan? Do their insurance companies know of this arrangement?
    8. Do staff members have any responsibility to deal with anguished patients in the middle of the night or are they entitled to react like those anguished patients’ abusive parents?
    9. Is LIJ psychodrama where you have the opportunity to re-experience all the traumas of your past life?
    10. In line with prevailing philosophy, why not drug all patients into total oblivion and hire computers to do the paperwork? Perhaps patients with insomnia would like to heal their peers? Perhaps some anesthesiologists would be interested in moonlighting? Or some great Danes?
    11. Is desiring to listen to music and see bright lights after midnight bona fide proof of having lost control and being an acute danger to oneself and to the whole community?
    12. Am I my sister’s or brother’s keeper if they are not paying me?
    13. What should a patient who is also a professional do when she witnesses numerous instances of psychological abuse and harassment perpetrated against utterly vulnerable people? The abusers are primarily interested in catching up on their sleep, reading newspapers, watching television, acting out their own undealt with conflicts with God knows whom. Does my promise to uphold the NASW code of professional ethics become void at LIJ?
    14. Wouldn’t I be better off in a friendly loving place like my old room in my mother’s house with a radio, cd player, my Mac, where no one treats me like a bratty five year old and threatens quiet rooms and restraints for disobedience and talking back?

  • Gareeth says

    Back when I was younger and more frequently locked up I only ever saw one person actually use the tribunal method. Here it never works. It automatically extends your certification and in her case got her shipped to an even more secure and horrific place.

    I did do a much less subtle version of the runner, (where being on close observation and therefore in theory watched with hawk like intensity I nevertheless broke into my closet for those all important clothes (they use yellow pjs here to give you quite a disadvantage in blending in) packed my bags and headed straight to the elevator. When a brain injured patient called out my name loudly and enquired if I was leaving, I replied in the affirmitive just as loudly and boarded the elevator. 1400kms later…)

    It was the right move for the situation I was in the time no question. No one including my usual psychiatrist ever questioned it. (He did have a two week job of convincing the hospital one to call off my national APB though during which my brother’s friends amused themselves by making siren noises) That being said there are those times when you have a decent doctor (sadly rare) where being compliant for just a little while at least can work out .

  • Prepper says

    I find that countering the threat of forced psychiatry for me involves preparation.

    If you don’t have at least some money you won’t be able to. I sacrificed and saved and now have:

    A secret, stocked with canned foods camp site in a remote location.

    A lawyer paid to carry out yearly practice runs on what we would do if the psychiatric human rights abusers ever come for me again.

    A passport and cash to escape.

    One day will defeat these disgusting people but until that day it pays to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

    Another good one is making it WELL KNOWN to everyone in your family that they will cut off by you for life if they ever play a hand in calling psychiatry on you.

    • David says

      Great article! Another method that worked for me was to cheek the pills…and then save them up in a sock. After I saved a huge pile of pills I showed the staff my stash. They let me go a few hours later. I guess they were afraid that if I or someone else took all the pills at once it would be lethal. With that said, it is best to avoid going to these places at all costs…they always make matters much worse.

    • Phil Down says

      Yeah I have tried the I will cut you off for life thing before too lol Its funny after they afflict me with their hostile unstable attacks they usually go ni their room and document their side of it and how crazy I am afterwards..I don’t have a lot of people in my life right now but almost all of them can fit into the category of crazy or stalker.

  • antipsychsocial worker says

    …I will say that an awful lot of MH practitioners totally agree with you. It’s not a biological “illness” and people do need understanding. Some of us are antipsychiatric in nature and work in the system to be a pebble in as many psychiatric shoes as possible.

  • Mary Newton says

    I think one little-discussed solution is not going to a psychiatric hospital in the first place.

    Going there may be a ‘solution’ for your family or friends or bystanders or the cops they called because your behavior disturbed them, but it is NOT likely to be a good solution for YOU. Get that through your head, and think of some alternatives ahead of time, while you’re still calm and rational.

    I once went to a psychiatrist when I was worried about strange things going on in my head, and asked him whether he thought I was crazy. He said no, because I wasn’t acting crazy. Wow, I thought, is that all there is to it? They just go by the way you act? If you never act crazy, then you’re not crazy? It’s not what you think that makes you crazy, it’s just how you act?

    On the other hand, I knew if I tried to talk to the guy any more, I WOULD start ‘acting crazy’ (that is, expressing my anger) because I was getting very frustrated in trying to communicate with him. Solution: I had to be very polite, and get out of his office as soon as possible and never go back. It was truly a crazy-making place.

    In other words, I realized then and there, like Jane above, that loony bins are not safe shelters from abusive husbands or any other problem, and I had better make it my business not to risk going to one. If there was strange stuff going on in my head, then I needed to keep it there, behind my eyes, and not let it boil over and disturb the people around me. I didn’t let anything make me ‘act crazy.’

    And that, in a nutshell, is it. I’m not saying it was easy. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but it made me grow up and learn to handle my own problems and behave myself. I went back to school, raised three kids, had a career and I’m now enjoying my grandchildren and retirement.

    And I’ve never regretted my decision to leave that psychiatrist’s office and keep my mouth shut. I think my life would have been very different if I hadn’t.

    • Ida says

      I love your story woman!!! If sombody had just told me that years ago!! I Will also not go near a psycaiatrists or psycologist again…I feel very supported by this page!! Yahooo!! 🙂

  • I have particularly enjoyed being ‘The Runner’ on many occasions. Most exhilarating and a much needed boost after being forced to the floor and injected for simply asking to speak to someone. Luckily they find 5 staff to do that when they say they have none for talking! Facebook and Argos surfing must be so mentally exhausting for the poor lambs. Planning holidays and boyfriend troubles are just what we crazies love to listen to!

  • Brilliant

    I will send it out through me elist


    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says


  • dru8274 says

    Awesome article, loved it.

    In addition to what you’ve said above, there are certain kinds of patients they don’t like. Reverse-Psychology-101 for manipulating psychiatrists…

    If you confess that you like acute psych ward because the food and power is free, and you’re saving up for a laptop, they may start writing up your discharge plan.

    Or if you become super needy and helpless, and confess how much you like acute-psych, coz you’re lonely and there’s lots of company, and you don’t have to cook or do anything for yourself… They just loath NEEDINESS, coz for some patients that can lead to chugging panadol over and over again, just to get themselves re-admitted.

    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says

      I like these reverse psychology ideas, very clever, and knowing how psychiatrists think I could really see them working.

    • happygardener says

      Oh yes that is a brilliant one! I never thought of that as an option!

    • SurpriseMF says

      Bang on there mate! i told them till I was blue in the face I don’t need medication.. Boom!! No short term detention. Straight on a CTO. Then I see loads of straight up looneys asking for medication and they get the “just relax” answer. Reverse psychology is their weakness.. EXPLOIT IT. I wish i came across this page 1st than seeking help for a legitimate problem. Mental wards use people as unsuspecting test pilots for meds. Thats it.

  • Yeah, I was really stupid the last time I was in. I appealed my 180 day commitment, plan two, while I was lecturing my doctor that antipsychotics can CAUSE psychosis and that was why I didn’t want to take them.

    During the first commitment hearing I started to lecture the district court judge that there was no such thing as a chemical imbalance.

    Because I was behaving myself and my representative agent backed me up about not taking the stuff, they didn’t force the issue. They just waited for the 30 days commitment to be up and committed me again, 180 days.

    I just had to be true to my truth you know.

    So that is when I pretended compliance. I told my doctor I would not take this and that kind. She said she’d give me one I hadn’t heard of at the lowest dose.

    I cheeked. I wasn’t risking that they’d end up chancing drug induced psychotic symptoms!

    Then the good doctor upped my dose. I cried, I pleaded with anyone who listened. The doctor told my social worker not to be concerned. I would not care in a few days.

    I was mouth checked by one or two nurses who usually did check everybody (but not when It was just me. I got my anti at an odd time) and I would quickly swallow. But my upset about taking the meds made most never suspect I was non-compliant.

    I did try to behave in meetings with the shrink, but everywhere else I was preaching liberation. Patients, staff, even the medication management teaching nurses. I was thrown out of class by the way.

    I was exploding, but when I complained to the MD I was not happy about the increase of meds. She said she would put be back on the high dose of Navane I was on the last time I was discharged. I begged her no. I had so many negative symptoms. She said, “You don’t seem to be experiencing any with this medication.” Was she on to me? I began to act dopy and complained of being sleepy all the time.

    They would have kept me forever, but remember my appeal. BYW,the circuit court judges are not puppets of psychiatry. The just never heard the other side.

    The new director came strolling through the unit. I jumped him. He had read ANATOMY. I told him what I had done in a psychosis five years ago that the psychiatrist told the district judge needed to be controlled happened during an abrupt anti psychotic withdrawal. I would have never done that if I had been taught properly about that danger in medication management.

    He asked me when my appeal was.

    Yes, in exactly a week I was discharged. And the nurses had caught me cheeking too. I got out the day before my appeal.

    Not a recommended method!

    I prayed a lot.

    For more:

    • good work man, how did the appeal go? better then me I appealed being on CTO and tried to educate the judge with a heap of emails, just I not as good as if I was off antipsychotics, they make me sick and thought disordered apparently, Ijust don’t have any thoughts or feelings to communicate so its just automatic and trashy.

  • Emms says

    I’m in hospital now. The staff don’t care. I’m on section 3 that has been renewed. I like the bit on the leave I will have to do that. Thanks for your help. Peace!

  • Hannah says

    Haha I love this. I’ve used all 3 methods over the last few years of frequent hospitalisations. When I was sectioned for the 1st time I ran away several times by either jumping over the back fence in the normal acute ward but once I was moved to secure picu I had to wait until I had escorted leave to run away. Unfortunately every time the police brought me back. After 6 month on picu was moved to another secure unit where I realised after about 10 months there I had to play the game to get out so I pretended to be better & faked engagement in therapy etc. it did take a good while though until they finally decided I could leave. I did attempt the tribunal method when I could too but it failed. But when hospitalised again in picu under a section 2 I applied for tribunal & won. It was a pretty funny tribunal cos it was ward round day so the consultant sent a junior doctor in his place who had never done a tribunal before & the panel were decent & pretty hard on him & they ate him alive. It was pretty funny cos they destroyed him & his reasons why I should be kept detained. My cpn even said after it was a bit uncomfortable watching him squirm in his seat. So yeah all 3 methods work. None of them are perfect though. Method 1 is good if you want a few hours or a days bit of fun. I used that when I was bored if the ward & wanted to have fun with my friends & get drunk. Method 2 is good when you want to get out & stay out but it does take a lot of time. Method 3 is what you should always do but don’t get you’re hopes up it hardly ever happens. Out of all the tribunals I’ve had & tribunals of fellow patients I’ve known I’m the only one who has been successful & that was only once. If only there was a 4th method.

  • Anna says

    How true! This was just my experience. If I resisted or disagreed–well, that was further proof of how “ill” I was. If I pointed out how my diagnosis didn’t fit–further proof it was spot-on. I took my 5-drug cocktail like a good girl because compliance was the ticket out. Problem was, the drugs made me worse and I ended up back on the psych ward again. My psychiatrist, who didn’t waste time faking respect for me, wouldn’t listen to my frequent requests to at least modify my zombifying drugs. So I figured out I had to quit him and the drugs. For five months, I cut back the drugs very slowly. Then I forgot to take my much-reduced dosage. Wham! Bad reaction. Back to the ward. All credit to the psychiatrist who suggested, “Maybe it’s just a reaction from going off the drugs.” (See, they know the drugs can mess you up.) Was I going to admit to that, however? That would mean a long stay and going back on the “meds.” So I lied. “Oh, I haven’t taken the drugs for two months now.” I put on a big performance, even to faking I was asleep at night when I was awake due to withdrawal. “I just have to go back to the outpatient program.” My fake message: I was a bad, stupid psych patient and now I realize how great you all are. I messed up. The act worked. I got out asap. Never went back. And now I’ve recovered.

  • bar says


    the skipping scratched CD of their cacophony.

  • Annette Monckton says

    Great work! Loved your article! All rings so true! I too found myself locked up in the psychiatric ward for 21 days after an episode caused by sleep deprivation. I played my own game with them and didn’t take the medication. They really didn’t know what to do when I came clean and told them, especially after they said I had improved and was better. Not one person would listen to how I managed to find myself in a different frame of mind! I kept the pills, took images of the physical injuries caused by the staff and used every opportunity to analyze the system. As a result, I published my first book called Crazy Normal Normal Crazy. It provides a detailed insight to the system and how I managed to get in and out! I knew I didn’t have an illness and this book is testament to that. Hopefully in time it creates more awareness to improve the system and help others that are mentally displaced. If you’re interested the book is available through Thanks again for publishing your article! It gave me a great laugh and it was comforting to know that many others have faced the same treatment (not that it’s acceptable). Good luck with your future endeavours!

    • Francesca Allan says

      Loved the SOAP article. For myself, I’ve tried various methods but the only one that I found worked reliably was just to agree with everything I was told.

  • Ibrahim says

    Good article!

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful, screamingly funny (and true) article. I thought of a couple more. One is to demonstrate to them that you aren’t worth saving, so insurance won’t bother paying for your stay. Another is to develop some medical problem. This will cause a liability issue for the hospital. You could actually croak while under their roof and they are very scared of a lawsuit because this might damage their reputation…they are far more scared of this than they care about human life. Another method I’m thinking of is outright vandalism of the premises. You could simply write some nasty swear word on your room wall with one of those kindergarten crayons they give you…try to find a permanent marker if you can. I saw in the “Unit Policy” that this was grounds for immediate dismissal. Hmm. Even on a section? Or you could fake a very bad conflict with another patient. We try to help one another, but “staff” see it as “interfering with treatment plans.” So that, too, being the “helpful one” could get so annoying to staff that they might want you out of their hair. Or have an affair. Fall in love. Love is great. Have sex with someone you love and if the two of you get caught you can both go out and be free. Or one more thing. Just have some annoying mannerism. Develop laryngitis so your tone of voice is all scratchy and no one can stand to hear it. That’ll get on everyone’s nerves. They’ll want you out of there. You’ll even overhear them talking about how they want to get rid of you as soon as you’re about ten feet away. They think we are hard of hearing and have no intelligence.

  • Fighting Stigma says

    Then a person who is being treated in our hospital sees this, escapes… and commits sucide.

    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says

      Or they don’t escape, get released on a huge amount of anti-psychotics that they don’t want to take but are bullied into taking, and commits suicide. This happened to my friend. Don’t fool yourself into believing you are helping people. You call yourself “fighting stigma” – the only way to fight stigma is to stop labelling distressed people with made-up illnesses.

    • just to get away from them…ye
      they are only killing us slowly like vermin anyway

      and our children they can steal are worth something too

      • Bradley says

        Mental Health = Mental Hell drug toture and abasement. Even numbing of the senses and forced detainment. You know what I’m talking about

  • Sabine says

    Great job! It’s really good to know what to do in such circumstances.
    As for myself, I have tried the first two. I used the first with the help of another patient who was just coming back from a smoke; I made it all the way to the elevator but a young nurse caught up with me as the doors were closing. He forced me back and with the security in sight I had no other options. You can guess what happened after I was taken back… picu and this time around two sets of doors to break out of. I ended up staying until they discharged me.

    The second method worked only partially. Even though it sped things up, it wasn’t entirely as quick as I had hoped.

    Thanks again!

    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says

      Good to hear you got out eventually 🙂

  • Darcy says

    Made me laugh – first time in a very long while !
    Tried method 1 last week unsuccessfully – wish I had come across your site first, then I might have had more luck !
    Going for the tribunal method next week, not holding out much hope 🙁
    Can anyone give me an idea of what percentage of appeals ( am on a section 3 ) are successful ? Wondering whether it’s a waste of time as I am building my hopes up for a successful outcome ?

    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says

      Sorry for later reply, I hope you got discharged by the tribunal. From what I’ve seen most are not successful but it depends on the panel you get. I’ve seen good tribunal panel tear the “professionals” apart, but normally you get three dinosaurs who agree with all the bullshit. I’m not sure on percentages but I’m sure the data can be found somewhere.

    • I kept kicking off for so long that THEY actually realised I was better if they just left me alone……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
      I aint finished yet neither with the life destroying Nazi pieces of shit

  • waves78 says

    No worries UK patients – contrary to popular belief, unless you stab someone (or yourself, but it’s less likely that way) the NHS probably won’t pay enough attention to put you in there in the first place. Especially if you have a personality disorder, they’re quite inconvenient to treat so the preferred method is telling you there’s nothing wrong. Beware of random acknowledgements whenever “we can’t help you because this can’t be treated” may be necessary, followed by denial of existence.

  • Helen says

    I have done ” Method Two: Play The Game ”
    What can I say, I had seen a psychiatrist from second time though 1st grade though 1/2 way though my Jr. year in high school. YES, I learned many things 😉

  • seriously…..

  • LOve this, more work needs to be done to get the message out to the popualtion to put psychiatrists in their place on a universal scale/ my method is totally wrong I been on a CTO for over 3years and started to complain more and more about it and started being able to meditate again and telling them about the biblical translation of pharmakia to mean sorery and witchcraft and where the word pharmacy comes from and telling them about my repressed memories before 2011 when I got involved with paranoia about getting into an ambulence for psych evaluation I had PTSD over this shit from nearly dieing and being raped while given injection to knock me out, I remembered it in 2011 and the reaction to the drug made my tongue contort down my windpipe and had to be resusitated stupid nurses one guy was nice and could detect a weak pulse and my out of body experienc ce came to an end, remembered the out of body exxperience and the ECT and the rape in 2012 when tI managed to get put onto orals just one with fucked up situation with chest pains and palpitations and this one wasn’t sedating me so they kept wanting to gibve me more so I stopeped taking it and had a problem with sleep deprivation….sorry for tangential story it always happens when I talk about I was there implying that I was dealing with the 4th reich and all the psychiatrists from nazi times hooked up with eugenics movement in the united states and continues psychiatry as we know it and maybe some drug companies too, the whole situation is a Nazi contrivance and the torture… wham as soon as I talk about my theories I wind up on more medication so I start refusing and refusing I managed to play catch up on some evolutionary astral type stuff I had going on, I can transform in the asttral world and am currently being limited my evolution, Its caught the ears of extradimentional gods who introduced me to a place and the psychiatrists all came here too but to a different place in the terrain.

    this story about extradimetnional voyages I talked openly about in hospital and how a celebrity I had a thing with in the past had returned so I talked about this song dark horse and how its about me, not a good Idea but I was excited about it, and wanted to let them know that psychiatry ruined my ability to see her anymore and it was a secret up until she released this track, got into the album too and it had significant moments like she talkingabout seeing her legendary lovers through her third eye, never seen so clearly looking through my third eye…I had a thing while on leave where she manifested physically to come talk to me but I chickened out and went on to resent not going over when she manifested in a car in nearby parking lot whistled and waved to me…I know what everyone would say that this sounds crazy I was peeved i missed my chance to talk to her in the flesh like she came like that dunno how she did it, how could I not talk about it, what if I went over would she tell me to get back to keeping this shit a secret, I no good that I started blabber mouthing, perhaps because I was in hosptial with it, nothing wrong with me wasn’t acting up just peeved that I am dealing with shit in hospital and that the medical model is a contrivance affiliation with the drug industry to say it vaguely, she introduced me to some tripping about her arrivals even when I was on antipsychotic, but I must uselsess trash now and not worthy of her attention…died out a long time ago but this voyage to LLamda that I intend to put in complaints about cos its the only thing I am interested in talking about, coz I trying to imply that I have a religion coz I like to deal with the archangels and have extradimetnional alien lifeforms come to watch over my trips and make sure I get to sleep and not stay up tripping..I usually only able to trip about astral stuff after the right kind of marijuana I use to ameliorate the effects of anitpsychotics, I am stoned now to be able to write all this…which usually hard to make sense of so I will stop. eventually

    Just letting you know how not to do it…trying to educate everyone about the nature of your spiritual perceptions, to my defence I can visualise these shrinks getting treatmetn in a world beyond our normal ability to percieve they universe but a place still for them to go. went beyond this place to another place beyond the beyond no words can discribe..Ir efused treatmetn but its too soon for this astral event to matterialise…I intend to complain with reference to my anger about my situation turning into a fantasty world as an attempt to educate these damned shrinks…if I am successfull in getting to them as I may have already done….sore shrink today about my refusal and she put me back on the same CTO that I accepted despite my plea to participate in massive reduction in dose…..I guess I can’t complain now since I been able to trip while on antipsychotic and made progress in my extradimentional voyaging to bring these shrinks on earth to a place in judgement. who knows some might already be aware of it. didn’t work for the threat of hospitalisatiuon for refusing just recently/////shrinks just ignore everyhthing I say and thinkk they already heard it and they disagree already….agree to disagree and how can you not get upset when they use lines like that, thats fucked up and escaping the issue….they just disagree based on some shallow psuedoscience and justified grandeur delusions and discrimination of people for a living, they are disgusting and hope these extradimentional beings can somehow visit them in life and make some drastic changes of their ways…..maybe they start drugging me to hold me back, they ask about my astral projection coz thats a sign of me “becoming unwell” or to have preoccupations over it they see as a sign of illness, so how else do I complain other then talking about my religious visions and try to educated everybody. maybe tap people into what is happening up their in the universe with eternal judgement for the quAXKS crimes. they will get their karma eventually I just trying to find a way how they can feel this karma for every wrongfull deed in signing a life a way of negative symptoms of schizophrenia from the drugs that they prescribe, its actually been prooven to do so yet the shrinks are ignorant cows……the only reason they sign me up as schizoaffective is because they make me irritable. so its hard to play the game when they get me angry, disagreeing peices of shit getting judged and treated in this place beyond the percieved edge of the known universe by a beyond a land that is inhabited by the dragon which guards interdimentional space flight from higher then the gods the palce where the gods reside and beyond through the dragon eye to entanglement transforming life form I can’t really discribe beyond that just cam darkness and a struggle to find where I was going and a guide named roger came down…did that while tonguing pills in hospiatla after a refusal when they said I was paranoid..did do some emails about the telepathic odds sthat some metnal illness is ajust a really sick projection that exists in the minds of others that freak out and worry etc, it disrupts the balance and becomes something evil and external something of the metnal plane of reality ust medical system tweeks what is really going on its so hard to discribe, which makes it easier for the shrinkk to say its schizophrenic and misguide the words we talk about. I have learnt to pick up on this teleptatic sick making shit from the clinics and hospitals and by rights the only time I ever feel \sick in the ehead is when I know I have CAT teams and mental hoepital affilitate dpeiople on my doorstep at everymometn, I pick up on astral and mental plane phenomena and their cloud is sick to the hard core, its sinister….at least some of my work might help the state of the mental plane for this situation now that higher beings in the universe is onto psychiatry… I just see it as a gradual process. this quacck had bags under her eyes and is one sick mutha fXXer…so what I would like to make the planets worths of shrinks and training shrinks and members who make the medical model go around and law makers and everything in for judgement, just not sure how identify everything I am up against to rid the world of psychiatry downgrading mankinds evolution through its practice of deeming the gifted ill, and ones that go on to without the drugs recover with some gentle guidance and the right kind of food and sleep and therapuetic trust buildiung rellationshipts yyou see in work done for demonstrating alternatives like Soteria House and Open Dialogue when people do better because so little antipsychotic is ever used and at least volutary and some of the best recoveries are done by people who the system would see as worst outcome and worst prognosis it just proves that antipsychotics make people sick, its disgusting what the quacks know about the drugs they use, its a fantasy and they have some kind of disorder for using these drugs when its all part of a disorder that the quacks have. fingers crossed my treatment faciltiy in the astral realms that I have subject them to and identified psychiatrty as something the earth needs some more attention to by gods in outerspace.

  • Caring RMN says

    A patient I worked with several years ago escaped with the help of 2 other patients. She overdosed in a derelict building and was found 2 weeks later. Very sad end for a lovely lady who could probably have been treated quite quickly. Is the FU you’re trying to send to the system? Hilarious.

    • speakoutagainstpsychiatry says

      If she had received care that was actually caring she would not have wanted to escape. A lot of people are driven to suicide by the mental health system and it is always recorded as because of their “illness”.

  • Andrew Hughes says

    Handover times are a good time to attempt ‘the runner’. Outgoing staff members are tired and do not give a hoot. Incoming staff members do not know what is happening, and do not give a hoot!

  • jim johnstone says

    Thank you …but even if you escape from it youll still be there in your mind…you gotta use the butterfly effect technique and make it so that you never got sent there in tha first place…cuz once these filthy perverts get their paws on you its over….or it would be if god wasnt alive..he who observes lying vanities(being in a mental institution) forsakes his own mercy(not being in a mental institution)…nip it in the bud

    • Yours says

      Hi God, My shrink says we differ from opinion, I say we differ from reality. When I got spiritually awoken by the God of all mankind, Yah it was, that imstantly just threw me in an evil prison called psychiatric hospitals. There I have fought many demon that exist among us. My faith bears reason, naked as I am. Now I am called the demonslayer, and the shrinks fear me for my valor in highly spiritual battles. One time over some spans of several months a demon mimicked a cell. Because evil police lie, and they are friends with the demons. No doubt they will burn in hell. I had to fight with the demon, by kicking open its steel mouth. I pray that god takes me away from these demons. Yet they are all friends, and offer everybody coffee in their houses. I’ve learned that demons carry a lot of fear. Then they show up with 20 of them to drug me with evil diseases of needles. Needless to say I love it when she pokes it in my butt. When I get the chance I’m going to throw their stuff that’s good for me in the coffee of the demon shrinks. Like the rest does. They say it is not so. Amen.

  • andrea says

    Oh wow!!! “loony bins” no longer a safe shelter from husbands___so true!!!! I thought I was ‘crazy’ but you guys are hot! Hospital visits were an eye-opener and lead me to pursue my writing skills. The most intellectual people I met were women who were hallucinating on a continuous basis; they were admitted, received treatment and visitors whist living and seeing things and people not actually there! I shared a room with one and visited the other; they were the real runners and I knew I was crazy if I stayed! After 2 sets of psychiatrists and psychologists and 7 stays over a 4 year period I re-visited my 1st psychiatrist ,voluntarily, to let him know my ultimate secret which set had set me free and ,guess what, he turned my husband against me all in one session. What a loser!!! Well…..thank God truth is what redeemed me from my past and brought healing to my marriage! Medication is for biological illnesses and love mends a broken heart but God can heal both. Blessings to everyone who had the privilege to be hospitalised to see these professionals for who they really are! Andrea

    • James E says

      It took God to heal me than 20 of these random psychiatrists that screwed my head up with all these pills. I only had rejection issues and they could’ve healed me by helping me learn how to feel better about myself but they didn’t. It’s about money they really don’t give a crap about you. Bunch of disgusting lies. I’m stuck with a submissive and dependant mindset from years of being stuck in confinement cause i got so used to it , its so hard to be independent in this situation it sucks. I pray that God gives them understanding and they reject that evil path that har ms people’s lives

  • joe smoe says

    I dream of the day when I will no longer have to take these awfull medications. I would be willing to give up my house and car just to get away from these evil doctors and have tried

  • Ida says

    Ahhh you are so on the spot. I have struggeled with theese idiots in psycaiatry for ten years.. Today I was able to get them to kick me out After a short stay. Of course it Will be difficult to get my rights financially but that would not hvae happened anyway.
    Hey no more frying of the brain with stupid pills. As the socalled doctor that treated me said “no we dont deal with peoples bodys in psycaiatry”…Well isn’t the brain and its glands a part of the body… I also wanted to check if I had a thyroid gland malfunction they didn’t See that as relevant at all. It couls be the Main Cause of my whole medical history problem.
    I support myselfe on a line from Grays Anatomy “psycaiatrists are the dummest doctors around”.. 🙂 They really are!!! And I also think meds doctors fysicians should heal themselvels befor they Even try to socalled help others.
    I know I have taken option number two far to far but now I am never going back. I like that every day is different and that it is not defined as ambivalence!

    • nessa76 says

      I think psychiatrists try and put patients down to make themselves feel better because they haven’t found out whats wrong with themselves. Makes sense since the majority aren’t in psychiatry because they care and want to help patients lol

      I got treated like how the Nazi’s treated the jews, greed and more greed. Most are engaged in crimes against humanity in my opinion.

      I like the tips on how to escape the psychiatric ward, a great idea.

  • kathleen waldron says

    Psychiatrists don’t help us they just expect us to change and be like everyone else copying others getting married having kids doing the same things talking as easily as them and you are right saying there lying and I was supposed to see a nurse today but I’m feeling really bad at the moment and so left her a message to say I don’t really want to have to see anyone like her at the moment I’ve been let down badly by ones like her in the past and the crisis team the last time I tried to get them a few weeks ago they said they wouldn’t actually come out unless I’d cut my self or tried to kill myself and I’m feeling so bad I’m wishing I didn’t have to be here for one second minute hour day week month or year more

  • amt says

    I tried to be the “runner.” Waited until there was only one nurse on the floor and a social worker (the rest of the staff had gone down to the main floor of the hospital to “calm” (inject with haldol) a patient who didn’t want fo be admitted). The elevator could only be operated by a button in the nurses station. So i waited until the doors opened after a guy came up. I sprinted out of my room and onto the elevator. The social worker saw me and screams out “nooooo!” Nurse comes running from the office, sees me on the elevator, and pushes some button, which causes deafening beeping and lights to start flashing. I decided to get off the elevator before backup arrived.

  • jo bloggs says

    ive finally managed to contain my distress and be able to think logically about my ‘illness’

    basically the nhs psychiatry team try to get access to your loving young bits form “powerful attachment therapy” then fuck you over and abandon you…. repeatedly

    my friend of five years killed herself afterher third abandonment by these psychos

    and they shall not be getting my mind again.


    love care and support does not exist with a “professional”

  • I am laughing! Well they could not wait to get rid of me as a mother and in no time I was banned and threatened with arrest as they tried to make out I was aggressive but I always took along a witness and things were well recorded. I could not help noticing staff with name badges back to front and I had to call the police myself and report these professionals.

  • tara says

    I am tara mark , over 32 yrs I got married living with my husband and two daughter’s I have never came across any spiritual problem in my family my husband so lovely and caring two yrs ago my husband start acting strange coming home late, drunk, after 4 months he left me and two daughters I was so confused and frustrated and I have seek for help a lot of advice but no helpful to my family. Until i met an old woman who told me that evil has visited my family that I should seek for spiritual assistance. this old woman was a prophet, she can only tell your problem but she can’t solve it. 2 weeks after I read some testimony on net and I email one of the spiritual spell caster called Dr anu and he truly help me my husband came back home with smiley face/ and I noticed him for good 1 month he also stop alcoholic and now he always art like good husband Which I have already lost hope but at end Dr anu did everything to make my family happy ones again and I promised him I will always testify for him for all he has done to make my family happy. here is the email. he have the spiritual power of helping people.

  • Emile Michel Hobo says

    If you’re one of those that either claims to have or that actually has sustained childhood trauma or at least your parents are bad, if you point out to the judge the actual laws, in the Netherlands art. 160-166 Sv., where it says that you have the right and sometimes even the duty to file charges, the judge will support this. They will put in the verdict that they will have to go to the police with you to file charges, which may in turn allow you to prove the psychiatrists wrong.


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